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  • Venice Police- Awareness/Prevention Bulletin

    Attn:  HOA Members 


    Please see attached “VeniceBlue4U” Bulletin#2  that provides some useful information regarding Bike Theft Prevention.  It is our second issue and I wanted to forward the information so you could provide or disseminate within your community.   We will be sending forth others throughout the year in hope that we can provide some awareness and resources on a variety of topics that affect members of our community.  


    Feel free to contact me if you have further questions or concerns. 


    Thank you for the opportunity to share the information.  



    Detective Sgt.  S. Hammett #358

    Criminal Investigations Division

    Venice Police Department

    1575 E. Venice Ave.

    Venice, FL  34292

    W# (941) 882-7583

    C#  (941) 650-6502

  • City / County Information

    City of Venice Information


    The City of Venice provides a great deal of information for their residents online. Anything from park locations, events, closures, waste and recycling information, and much more. Below is a list of Links that we feel may be helpful:


    City of Venice Home page – https://www.venicegov.com/home


    Featured Events & Attractions - https://www.venicegov.com/things-to-do/activities


    Venice Main Street Website - https://www.visitvenicefl.org


    Stay up to date with the latest news in the City of Venice - https://www.venicegov.com/i-want-to/advanced-components/list-detail-pages/news-list


    Contact the City of Venice (Department Directory): https://www.venicegov.com/government/contacts



    Sarasota County Information


    Sarasota County anchors the middle of Florida’s western coast, approximately 60 miles south of Tampa Bay. It includes the cities of Sarasota, Venice and North Port, and the Town of Longboat Key. Below is a list of Links that we feel may be helpful:


    Sarasota County Home page: https://www.scgov.net/home


    County Calendar of Events: https://www.scgov.net/government/communications/calendar-of-events


    Contact the County and Subscribe to the County email Notifications:https://www.scgov.net/government/connect-with-us

  • Cooking Grills


    Sarasota County Fire Department (5/30/17)—Reminds residents that PROPANE GRILLS, HIBACHIS, AND SIMILAR COOKING DEVICES cannot be used or stored on porches, balconies, breezeways, or lanais (other than one- and two-family dwellings). Use of such is a life-safety hazard and in violation of the National Fire Prevention Code. Failure to comply could result in non-compliance fees.

  • Do you own Multiple Units / Lots in this Association?
    If you have an additional property in the community, once approved and registered for your first property, log into the website, click on the Account Info dropdown, choose My Profile and scroll to the bottom to Register an Additional Property. Once this additional registration is approved, you will be able to toggle between properties on your My Profile page. 
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